User Manual Bauer Issue Organizer

Get started with the Tree Grid Widget.

Access Bauer Issue Organizer

Each of your Scrum, Agility or Kanban boards has an associated Bauer Issue Organizer.
Access the Issue Organizer tree grid widget from any project or board by using the left hand navigation bar and selecting ‘Bauer Issue Organizer’.

The tree grid widget at a glance

Issue Organizer widget is a grid with adjustable columns and groups that displays the issues as a hierarchical list. It lets you navigate the hierarchy and search for specific issues. Issue Organizer widget is displayed at each of your JIRA boards.

JIRA Agile Integration

Bauer Issue Organizer integrates seamless with JIRA Agile to manage you agile team by organizing epics, user stories, sprints and story points.

Issue Organizer main toolbar

  1. Create a new item and add it under the item currently selected in the tree grid.
  2. Expand/collapse the whole hierarchy. Expand to a certain level using the drop-down menu.
  3. Without changing the items’s parent, move the item up/down and place it before/after the previous child – if possible. NOTE: this is only possible if order by rank is enabled.
  4. Edit the currently selected issue / stop editing and save changes. This can also be achived by double clicking on the issue’s summery.
  5. Cut the selected items to the clipboard.
  6. Paste the items from the clipboard into the tree grid.
  7. Sort the try grid by rank. This will make the grid appear in the same order as at the board view. If this is enabled the row order can be modified by drag and drop or the up/down buttons
  8. Pin the selected row to focus to this issue.

Context menu

Each row that relates to an issue comes with a context menu which provides access to all JIRA issue edit functionality.

TRANSITIONS change the status of the selected story. The availability of certain transitions depends on the card’s current status and your workflow configuration.
MANAGE here you have the standard JIRA functionality which you can apply to all issues.

Inline edit issues

Double click at the row’s summery to edit it quickly. Click done to save your changes or cancel to reset the data. This functionality is also available from the toolbar’s edit button.

Issue links synchronization

Each row that relates to an issue contains two sub folder. One contains its JIRA subtasks and the other all linked issues grouped by link type.