Finance Process Templates

  • Florian Bauer, 19/Sep/19 1:57 PM Finance Form

    Administration of Finance Data

    The administration of finance data is essential in nearly every company and can be automated to collect user information quickly. Therefore this process contains a form automatically collecting necessary information. The crucial part of this process lays in the integration of a ERP system which automatically transfers this data from the flower form to the system.

  • Andrej Stojkov, 19/Sep/19 1:49 PM Finance

    Commercial decision and cost estimate MRO

  • Tobias Schindler, 19/Sep/19 1:48 PM Finance

    Calculate amount for Quotation / Cost Estimate

  • Tobias Schindler, 19/Sep/19 12:44 PM Finance Form

    Additional Budget Request

    Sometimes there may be required a bigger budget than initially estimated. For these cases there has to be made an additional budget request, where a lot of information has to be collected in order to release the budget. This should be made as fast as possible to prevent delays. By automating this process you can save valuable time and human resources as well.