Form Process Templates

  • Henning Braun, 02/Jan/20 9:11 AM Itil Form

    Service Asset and Configuration Management

    ITIL Service Asset and Configuration Management aims to maintain information about Configuration Items (CIs) required to deliver an IT service, including their relationships.

  • Henning Braun, 02/Jan/20 9:11 AM Itil Form

    Service Validation and Testing

    The objective of Service Validation and Testing is to ensure that deployed Releases and the resulting services meet customer expectations. This ITIL process verifies that IT operations is able to support the new service.

  • Henning Braun, 02/Jan/20 9:10 AM Itil Form

    Application Development

    ITIL Application Development aims to make available applications and systems which provide the required functionality for IT services. This ITIL process includes the development and maintenance of custom applications as well as the customization of products from software vendors.

  • Henning Braun, 02/Jan/20 9:10 AM Itil Form

    Transition Planing and Support

    ITIL Project Management (Transition Planning & Support) aims to plan and coordinate the resources to deploy a major Release within the predicted cost, time and quality estimates.

  • Henning Braun, 15/Dec/19 3:56 PM Itil Form

    Change Evaluation

    ITIL Change Evaluation aims to assess major Changes, like the introduction of a new service or a substantial change to an existing service, before those Changes are allowed to proceed to the next phase in their lifecycle.

  • Henning Braun, 09/Dec/19 9:22 AM Itil Form

    Change Management

    Change Management aims to control the lifecycle of all Changes. The primary objective of of this process is to enable beneficial Changes to be made, with minimum disruption to IT services.

  • Henning Braun, 09/Dec/19 7:56 AM Itil Form

    Release and Deployment Management

     To plan, schedule and control the movement of releases to test and live environments. The primary goal of Release Management is to ensure that the integrity of the live environment is protected and that the correct components are released.

  • Henning Braun, 24/Nov/19 7:59 PM Support Form

    Release Setup

    Release Management is the central responsible body for the implementation of Changes to the IT Infrastructure, so that these are carried out in an effective, secure and verifiable manner. Their tasks include planning, monitoring and implementation of respective Rollouts or Rollins in co-ordination with Change Management.

  • Henning Braun, 04/Nov/19 8:09 AM Hr Form

    Sign Up Process

    The Sign-up Process gets your customer onboarded by collecting all relevant information and also providing relevant information for your customer. Goal is to make the Onboarding Process as seamless as possible.

  • Henning Braun, 28/Sep/19 5:57 PM Engineering Form

    Evaluate Warranty Claim and Shop Finding Report commercially

    Warranty claims of the customer are assessed, evaluated commercially and
    if necessary, the creation of credits in accounting.

    Warranty obligations of suppliers are checked and evaluated commercially. Possibly. warranty claims are made to suppliers and the preparation of direct debits in the accounting department.

  • Tobias Schindler, 19/Sep/19 3:23 PM Hr Subprocesses Form

    Consideration of the role assignment

    Note: This is a sub-process and only functional when integrated into the main process "Assignment of roles".

    Assignment of roles takes place in every HR department and is one crucial process. It aims at assigning employees of an organisation unit to specific roles. This is followed by an evaluation process which ensures the correct assignment.

  • Tobias Schindler, 19/Sep/19 2:10 PM Form

    Vehicle Entry Pass Request

  • Henning Braun, 19/Sep/19 2:10 PM Hr Form

    Time off request

    Time-off requests, like scheduling, can be a huge headache just waiting to happen. It may not be the most difficult part of your job, but it’s certainly close to the top of the list. Trying to keep everyone happy while making sure your business runs smoothly can be a Herculean task.

  • Florian Bauer, 19/Sep/19 2:09 PM Form

    Lost and Found request

    Lost & Found effectively manages lost items. It accurately manages lost possessions and the return of such possessions to the original owner. Upon discovery of a lost possession, the application requires a detailed information to be gathered for future collection.

  • Andrej Stojkov, 19/Sep/19 2:03 PM Hr Form

    Employee Travel Reimbursement Request

    Business trips are quite common these days. In most of the times the employee has to pay the expenses and will get the money back. That sounds quite easy but can be a very complex and time consuming process. So why not simply automate it? The integrated form will collect all necessary data and then automatically transfer the money back to the employee.

  • Florian Bauer, 19/Sep/19 2:01 PM Form

    Conference Room Request

    Conference rooms are requested on a daily basis in basically every company. There can be a lot of necessary information when it comes to specific conference room needs like special room equipment. To automate this process and in doing so save valuable time ressources simply use the form integrated in this process.

  • Henning Braun, 19/Sep/19 1:58 PM Form

    Appointment Request

    Appointments are requested on a daily basis in basically every company. There can be a lot of necessary information when it comes to specific appointment needs like special room equipment. To automate this process and in doing so save valuable time ressources simply use the form integrated in this process.

  • Tobias Schindler, 19/Sep/19 1:57 PM Hr Form

    360 Degree Feedback

    In every company that wants to employ successful people, feedback is one crucial step to optimize working environment and working standards. 360 degree feedback is a special type of giving feedback which contains many parties being asked about one specific employee. This information will be collected by a form integrated in the process.

  • Florian Bauer, 19/Sep/19 1:57 PM Finance Form

    Administration of Finance Data

    The administration of finance data is essential in nearly every company and can be automated to collect user information quickly. Therefore this process contains a form automatically collecting necessary information. The crucial part of this process lays in the integration of a ERP system which automatically transfers this data from the flower form to the system.

  • Tobias Schindler, 19/Sep/19 1:45 PM Integration Support Zapier Form

    Answering Technical Request

    Technical analysis, consulting and solution finding for technical questions, problems or complaints of the customer.
    Such technical requests include:
    - repair or maintenance problems of the products,
    - requests for equipment (including tools or test benches) or
    - Inquiries regarding malfunction of systems / devices.

    It may be possible to offer a Technical Service 24 hours / 7 days for certain products (technical hotline).

  • Tobias Schindler, 19/Sep/19 12:44 PM Finance Form

    Additional Budget Request

    Sometimes there may be required a bigger budget than initially estimated. For these cases there has to be made an additional budget request, where a lot of information has to be collected in order to release the budget. This should be made as fast as possible to prevent delays. By automating this process you can save valuable time and human resources as well.