Engineering Process Templates

  • Henning Braun, 28/Sep/19 5:57 PM Engineering Form

    Evaluate Warranty Claim and Shop Finding Report commercially

    Warranty claims of the customer are assessed, evaluated commercially and
    if necessary, the creation of credits in accounting.

    Warranty obligations of suppliers are checked and evaluated commercially. Possibly. warranty claims are made to suppliers and the preparation of direct debits in the accounting department.

  • Andrej Stojkov, 19/Sep/19 1:48 PM Engineering

    MRO approval

    The process describes the course of an approval process for a repair order. In aviation, for example, exact documentation of all life cycles and repair measures is required. In this case, the process provides a good basis.

  • Florian Bauer, 19/Sep/19 1:47 PM Engineering

    Check warranty obligations

    This process represents the tracking and scope of the warranty obligations of one's own company and that of a supplier. In detail, the responsibility, name, type and any other information from suppliers and their own company is recorded