Additional Budget Request

Tobias Schindler, 19/Sep/19 12:44 PM Finance Form

Sometimes there may be required a bigger budget than initially estimated. For these cases there has to be made an additional budget request, where a lot of information has to be collected in order to release the budget. This should be made as fast as possible to prevent delays. By automating this process you can save valuable time and human resources as well.

Whenever an additional budget request is required the process owner initiates this process:

  1. At first the process owner has to collect all general details like requester name, requester department, … .
  2. In the second step the finance department collects all budget request details like account head, sum initially requested, … . All this information is collected by an integrated form.
  3. The following step depends on a decision which has to be made prior to the task. If the budget has to be transferred from another account, the process owner first has to request a new budget transfer.
  4. Then the finance department has to provide an additional budget.
  5. The last step includes creating a summary report and documentation of the budget request. After this step the process is ended.


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