Employee Travel Reimbursement Request

Andrej Stojkov, 19/Sep/19 2:03 PM Hr Form

Business trips are quite common these days. In most of the times the employee has to pay the expenses and will get the money back. That sounds quite easy but can be a very complex and time consuming process. So why not simply automate it? The integrated form will collect all necessary data and then automatically transfer the money back to the employee.

  1. At first you have to get all general information such as requester name, department, …
  2. Then the employee has to complete the claim by giving information such as amount, narration, …
  3. Then the financial department has to set up the purchase order advance.
  4. After collecting all relevant information the reimbursement gets disbursed.
  5. After the employee has confirmed the reimbursement the process ends.

Human Resources

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