360 Degree Feedback

Tobias Schindler, 19/Sep/19 1:57 PM Hr Form

In every company that wants to employ successful people, feedback is one crucial step to optimize working environment and working standards. 360 degree feedback is a special type of giving feedback which contains many parties being asked about one specific employee. This information will be collected by a form integrated in the process.

Whenever there is a 360 Degree Feedback required, the process is initiated:

  1. Get the request details such as requester name, number …
  2. Choose employee to be reviewed.
  3. Choose peer to review the chosen employee.
  4. Determine time frame of the feedback process.
  5. Now the actual feedback process starts. The following steps can be modeled as a subprocess, as one task or as consecutive steps (like in this template). The Feedback includes rates of communication, quality of work, teamwork, personality, additional comments.
  6. Feedback has to be collected.
  7. Finally Feedback is provided to chosen employee in order to end the process.

Human Resources

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This bpmn process comes with a form, which is part of the Flower template.