Administration of Finance Data

Florian Bauer, 19/Sep/19 1:57 PM Finance Form

The administration of finance data is essential in nearly every company and can be automated to collect user information quickly. Therefore this process contains a form automatically collecting necessary information. The crucial part of this process lays in the integration of a ERP system which automatically transfers this data from the flower form to the system.

  1. At first the payables master data has to be administered. Therefore information such as supplier designation, supplier address, … is collected by an integrated form.
  2. In a second step the table master data has to be administered. This includes information such as bank master, currency rate, … .
  3. The last steps includes the bank master data administration which means the integration of all relevant and collected information in the ERP-system. This steps ends the process.


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This bpmn process comes with a form, which is part of the Flower template.