Data Load Process

Henning Braun, 05/Nov/19 8:56 AM Hr Subprocesses

The Data Load Process aims at completing all customer templates in order to ensure that all relevant data is collected. It also ensures that a Chasqui licence is paid in order to load all data. There are included several control loops to eventually set customer status to “live” and complete the process by integrating the “post sales” process.

Note: This is a Sub-process and works as part of the “Sign up Process”

Note: This is a Sub-process and works as part of the “Sign up Process”

  1. At first it has to be checked if the customer is a enterprise customer if yes the process continues with completing the customer template. If no, a new customer template has to be send to the customer.
  2. In the second step the data will be autoloaded and flagged to Chasqui, Dev and Stage.
  3. Then the Customer Success has to review and scrub the data.
  4. In the next step it has to be made sure that there is a paid Chasqui licence for the customer. If there is no paid licence subprocesses “Product Trial Process” and “Sign up Process” has to be initiated.
  5. If there is a paid licence, there has to be differentiated between the different licence types. This has to be configured specifically for a company. To clarify further procedure we continue with the case “BBC annual licence”.
  6. Send relevant KB material to the customer after he is notified that data is ready for testing.
  7. Then the data has to be reviewed in Chasqui Prod.
  8. If sign up data is not in Production the Customer Success has to resolve data discrepancies and send data to review once more.
  9. If the data is signed off in Production the customer status is set to “live”.
  10. The Process ends by initiating the “Post Sales” Process.

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